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Baumkuchen cake: a German delight

Okay, full disclosure: this article is very special for me because I am a huge fan of chocolate cakes. This particular one was always among my favourites, but I was always sure that making one at home was impossible – but I was wrong!

The truth is, yes, preparing this tasty treat absolutely calls for some initiative and persistence. It might look a little bit complicated. But don’t worry, it’s not that hard to make (simply time consuming, but that’s it).

The outcome is definitely worth it due to the fact that it not only tastes fantastic, looks amazing on the table, and on home plate.

German for “tree cake,” Baumkuchen is occasionally likewise referred to as pyramid cake, and standard versions are thought about to be a selection of spit cake. Cooking it needs an unique procedure in which each layer of dough is baked one after another, with a layer of jam in between.

the photo of baumkuchen German cakes
German cakes are the best, aren’t they?

The “Baumkuchen” cake is a specialized bread relatively unknown beyond Germany. Preparing it takes an one-of-a-kind process by which each layer of batter is baked one after another with thin layers of jam added in between. This homemade version uses a slightly various procedure from conventional bakeries, however it’s equally as great!

The batter – generally made from flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt, and butter– is thinly covered on a spit that’s revolving over a warmth resource. Before each brand-new layer is used, the previous one must be fully dry. As soon as cut, the cake has a charming texture as well as look which resembles development rings, hence its name– baumkuchen or tree cake.

a photo that shows a chocolate cake
Baumhuchen is a type of spit cake

The basic dough can be enriched by various active ingredients such as nuts, honey, and also brandy. The cake is typically additionally coated with sugar or delicious chocolate glaze. Miniature, cut up slices of this cake – called baumkuchenspitzen or tree cake tips – are normally polished in delicious chocolate and also offered independently.

Baumkuchen recipe

Active ingredients:

  • 220 g saltless butter (at space temperature), plus additional for oiling.
  • 300 g golden marzipan.
  • 100 ml cream.
  • 225 g sugar.
  • 10 large free-range eggs.
  • 1/2 tbsp vanilla essence.
  • 1 orange.
  • 150 g self-raising flour.
  • 100 g cornflour.
  • 300 g thin-cut marmalade.
  • 200 g dark delicious chocolate (70%).
  • 50 ml spiced rum
  • 25 g toasted flaked almonds.


  1. Pre-heat the grill to medium-high, and also grease and also line the base of a 23cm springform cake tin.
  2. Roughly chop and also put the marzipan as well as a little of the cream in the dish of a standing mixer and defeat using the paddle add-on till you have a thick paste. Slowly add the remainder of the lotion and also continue to defeat up until you have a pale paste.
  3. Add 170g of the butter as well as beat till totally incorporated. Next include the sugar and defeat once more till the blend is light and velvety.
  4. Lastly, different and defeat in the egg yolks one by one (conserve the whites), then the vanilla essence. Carefully grate in the orange enthusiasm.
  5. Sift the self-raising flour as well as cornflour into a dish, mix together, then, making use of a huge steel spoon, gradually fold right into the cake batter.
  6. Blend the egg whites to solid optimals, then fold up right into the batter with the huge metal spoon, being careful not to knock senseless excessive of the air.
  7. Spoon the marmalade into a little frying pan as well as thaw over a low warm, include a sprinkle of water if required to loosen, and maintain warm.
  8. Currently to set up the cake: making use of a ladle as your measure, spoon just enough damage right into the cake tin to cover the base– you’ll most likely require to load the ladle to about two-thirds.
  9. Use a pastry brush to spread out the mixture evenly over the base of the tin, so it just covers the surface, after that cook under the grill for 4 minutes, or up until set and golden around.
  10. Ladle an additional thin layer of batter on the top, as well as return to the grill. When gold, comb a slim layer of the softened marmalade over the cake– you want just enough for a slim polish.
  11. Continue layering and grilling, polishing with marmalade every second or 3rd layer, till the batter is used up– you must obtain 15 to 18 layers.
  12. Brush the top of the cake with a great layer of marmalade, after that run a knife around the beyond the cake. Entrust to cool down, then cover with clingfilm and also cool for a couple of hrs, or overnight, to set.
  13. A number of hours before you prepare to offer, break the delicious chocolate into items as well as melt with the remaining 50g butter in a heatproof bowl established over a tiny saucepan of simmering water. When entirely melted as well as glossy, mix with the rum, then established it apart for 10 mins to cool down.
  14. Remove the cake from the tin and also established it on a serving plate. Pour on the delicious chocolate sauce and make use of a spatula to spread it evenly over the top, allowing it drizzle down the sides.
  15. Leave it to establish slightly, then garnish with the toasted flaked almonds, before leaving it to cool totally. Offer with a large cup of tea or a joyful sherry. This cake maintains really well in a tin for up to 2 days (not that it’ll be around that lengthy!).

Hacks that will help you make this treat

It is essential to wait till the previous layer is entirely cooked to attain the one-of-a-kind framework. As trees have rings to show their age, this cake has tree-like baked layers.

the image illustrates layered Baumkuchen
Baumkuchen recipes are not that hard

If you like, you can include an additional layer of design with thawed white delicious chocolate drizzled on top. Or, use homemade shaped delicious chocolates. Get creative!

You’ll need a bread brush to develop the layers, and the exact time each layer needs to cook relies on the strength of your grill, however you’re going for a deep all-over golden colour.

When you prepare to offer, it can be valuable to use a hot blade. Just run it under warm water before slicing, function slowly to prevent breaking the delicious chocolate layer, and clean the blade between pieces to get a tidy cut each time.

While it’s true that the patience required to make such an unique cake isn’t for every person, the outcomes are well worth the initiative, and you can look forward to sharing this delicious treat with visitors that make certain to be surprised.

another photo of a chocolate covered cake
This may look like complicated desserts, bit you can make it!

Every baker understands that the very best sampling part of any kind of cake is the thin caramelized layer that stays with the bottom of the pan. Centuries earlier, a German baker got the passionate suggestion of producing a cake whose body was full of layer upon layer of this highly flavored special. Eventually he or she figured out the only way to do it got on the revolving spit generally utilized for broiling roasts. The suggestion caught on and soon bakeshops focusing on Baumkuchen emerged all over Germany. Sadly, its really appeal led to individuals inventing substandard items and also classifying them as Baumkuchen. Baked flat-layer-on-layer in traditional cake pans, these torte-like cakes are all that the house baker might create.


The background behind the cake

The earliest German dish for this cake goes back to 1450, when it was a preferred wedding event pastry for wealthy people to offer. Currently it’s your count on bake this historical reward!

Don’t believe that there are the hardest dessert to make

This wonderful has been called the king of cakes, since it is instead complicated and also tiresome to make. In the past as well as today in German industrial bakeshops, the batter is usually baked in layers on a lengthy skewer or spit that is continuously turned in front of a huge horizontal stove.

It appears secure to say the majority of us aren’t going to have the ability to install that kind of mechanism in our kitchen areas at home.

Therefore, the cake has ended up being an expensive delicacy that is predominantly marketed in pastry shops and also bakeries. Particularly around Christmas Time, Baumkuchen is a popular and also beloved present to enjoy with liked ones.

Although it came from Germany, Baumkuchen has actually been enthusiastically taken on by Japan to the point where that nation is currently taken into consideration to generate the very best Baumkuchen in the world.

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