Chris Pratt diet: how to lose weight like your fav actor

It only took Chris six months to get in shape and lose about 30 kg. The motivation was excellent: the role in the first part of “Guardians of the Galaxy“, especially since the career of the actor was not so impressive before that. You could have known  him by his roles in “10 Years” and the “Parks and Recreation” show, but in general – nothing remarkable. 

Pratt had to put on and then lose weight for different roles: for filming the drama Chris lost 14 kg, and then for the other role he gained fat. Such transformations do not go by without consequences to the body, so that the “normal” weight of the actor was far from ideal. In an interview for GQ Chris said that because of the extra pounds, his “bones hurt, there were problems with the cardiovascular system,” he did not like to be who he was. For his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris had to radically rethink his lifestyle. 

Chris Pratt diet

The actor quickly realized that at the heart of a healthy lifestyle – nutrition, and even the most exhausting training can not fundamentally change the situation. It is noteworthy that Pratt did not limit himself in the amount of food – he ate 4000 kcal per day. We have already shown by the example of a bodybuilding coach that calories can vary, and here is another clear confirmation. On the other hand, Chris took the quality of food seriously – he took calories from meat, nuts, seeds, fish, herbs, local vegetables and fruits, and excluded any industrially processed foods. “You can’t eat pancakes. “You can’t eat burgers. You can’t eat carbohydrates,” said Pratt to those inspired by his example. Also, the actor started drinking more water: “I’ve been peeing all day. It was like a nightmare.”

Chris pratt transformation was super extreme. He chose a rather popular and very close to LCHF paleo-ration. This is when you eat what was available to our ancient ancestors, hunter-gatherers: meat, fish, nuts, herbs, local vegetables and fruits, seeds. From time to time paleo eaters can eat some honey, but not every day. After all, our ancestors could not find and beat the hive from bees often. All cereals, bread, pasta, vegetable oils and other achievements of modern agriculture and industry are absent in the paleo-ration.

Moving to the paleo was not a challenge for the actor, it was a familiar but forgotten image of the diet, familiar to him since childhood, as Chris confessed in Instagram: “Hunting, fishing and communicating with friends and family in the open air – this is how I spent my free time as a child. That part of me is never gonna change.”

Pratt was so passionate about the caveman’s life that he even set himself the goal of eating only the meat that he himself “got” – the game.

Chris Pratt exercise

Physical activity has become an equally important part of Chris’ new lifestyle. Triathlon, weightlifting and crossfit. “I did crossfit and triathlon: swimming, cycling, running. “I jogged, I did. I exercised for four hours a day, for about five months.” 

Not only the audience and the studio bosses are happy with the result, but most importantly, Chris says: “I am a different person. Now I like clothes. I’ve got more energy. I sleep better. And my libido is over the top.”

The energetic Pratt has climbed the Hollywood Olympus and seems to be settling in. After the super-successful and homerically funny second “Guards of the Galaxy”, we wait in 2018 the appearance of his Star Lord in “The Avengers” and the second part of the painting “Jurassic World”, where Chris has the main role. 

However, despite his new habits and star status, the actor has remained himself. “Perhaps she liked me the way I was. I was funnier. She liked to feed me. I was a kind of fat pet, “- laughs Pratt, when he tells how his wife, comedy actress Anna Faris, supports him in dieting. 

That’s what we love Chris for – for his charisma, irony and self-criticism, but not for the cube press.

Chris Pratt’s training and diet lasted eight months, five of which were before the filming and three were already in the process.

The choice of a coach is in itself partly the key to success. If you want to be a superhero, you have to choose your coach as well. Chris did not work with anyone, but with Duffy Gaver, the most popular Hollywood coach who made Chris Hemsworth the god Thor.

Chris started his training with bodybuilding, but then started burning fat from traditional bodybuilding and cardio. Pratt said he was tired of the “chubby friend” roles he used to play. He was about to become a superhero.

At the last stage, almost before the shooting, Chris focused on cardio (3-4 hours a day). As a result, chris pratt body is in great shape.

Training can be divided into three phases:

– bodybuilding – build muscles and gain weight,

– bodybuilding and cardio to form a figure and lose weight,

– max-cardio – lose weight and maintain the right weight.

Chris Pratt before and after

Chris Pratt before and after

Christian Bale weight loss

Chris Pratt weight loss is not the only example of an extreme weight loss for a part.

The actor loves to surprise the audience – loses and gains tens of kilograms for different projects as if they were playing. For the painting “The Machinist”, where his hero can not sleep and eat, he brought himself to 55 kg. At 183 cm height, Bale ate a day a portion of tuna and an apple, drinking it with plenty of water and coffee. He later admitted that it was interesting for him to have this experience, but he did not want to repeat it. Although later he broke the word at least twice: again losing weight for the movies “The Savior Dawn” and “The Fighter”. And immediately after “The Engineer” Bale approved for the role of Batman and he began to return the pounds, pouring on pizza, ice cream and donuts. “I knew it was bad, I felt bad, but I loved eating! And most importantly – my stomach grew like a yeast,” laughs the actor.

Tom Hanks weight loss

When Matthew McConaughey had to lose weight for a role in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” (it will go further), for advice he turned to Tom Hanks. After all, he repeatedly had to deal with this painful process. So, to play a man who spends four years on a desert island, Hanks had to experience what an island diet. The basis of his diet was coconuts, coconut milk, crab meat, fruits and vegetables. And the main sacrifice was giving up his favorite latte and replacing it with herbal teas. And two more hours of sports a day. Hanks is not used to restrictions – in 1993 for the painting “Philadelphia” he lost 12 kg. But recently, the actor admitted that he was no longer ready for such records: he was found to have diabetes mellitus, and now the weight fluctuations he has to carefully monitor.

Matt Damon weight loss

He has more than 60 roles to play, and he still considers what happened more than 20 years ago to be the most difficult. And all because then for the role of the military he had to lose almost 60 kg (now he weighs 85). “I used to run 20 km a day, but it wasn’t the hardest thing. “The most difficult thing is diet. My main food at the time was chicken breasts. No one was making me diet food. I ate breasts in those variations that I could make myself when I was 25,” Damon laughs.

Matthew McConaughey weight loss

To play a hero with AIDS, the actor has set a goal – to lose 2 kg a week. “Immediately began with powerful training, burning 1800 calories a day – he says. – For breakfast and dinner I had a diet coke, for lunch – chicken breast and egg whites. It took almost 4 kg in two weeks, and then I got injured and had to postpone my classes. But a week later I found out again that I had lost 2 pounds. And I realized that I didn’t have to torture myself with sports. However, losing weight wasn’t as hard as rebuilding your life. I did not go to restaurants, to parties, I had to come up with new entertainment. I started reading and writing more. However, when I approached the weight of 60 kg, I had to leave this activity too – I began to see worse. But the victims McConaughey was worth it – for them, the actor won an Oscar.


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