Mono diet explained + 7 best mono diets that work

Mono diet explained + 7 best mono diets that work

A mono diet is when you eat only one product for a certain period. Many dietitians do not approve of this method of weight loss, but even there are exceptions. Let’s find out what it is.

It all started with magic. In 2016, illusionist Penn Gillette published a book called Presto! How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales. In it, he spoke about his experiences with mono diets for two weeks. 

For 14 days Jillette ate only potatoes (about five per day). Later he started adding fruit, vegetables, and some whole grains to his diet. As soon as the book came out, the mono diet hit the headlines.

What is a mono diet

A mono diet (monotrophic diet) is a type of diet that includes only one food (e.g. potatoes or apples) or one type of food (e.g. fruit or meat).

Dieticians warn that monotrophic diets can lead to malnutrition, loss of muscle mass, shortages or dangerous excesses of certain nutrients, and future weight loss problems.

A relatively ‘healthy’ product that is difficult to earn allergies is usually chosen as the main product. For example, it can be bananas, buckwheat, eggs, potatoes, and even chocolate (yes, many of us are on this diet all the time).

Types of mono diets

Monodetas can be fruity, dairy, cereal, extreme and complex. You can sit only on cottage cheese or buckwheat, and sometimes not even chocolate (juice and chocolate mono diets are classified as extreme). The most gentle option is complex, which allows you to eat one product for one or three days and then move on to the next. This is the case with the Six Petals diet. It also includes summer mono diet (vegetables, apples, chicken, oatmeal, watermelon), winter mono diet (potatoes, “winter” carrots, kefir, vegetable soup, meat, apple juice, oatmeal), color mono diet (every day you can eat products of a strictly defined color).

In addition to the above options based on specific foods, there are mono diets which divide the diet according to the principle of choice or exclusion rather than on a specific product.

Mono-elimination diet

This is a very interesting option and the simplest! You choose one unhealthy food that you eat frequently and exclude it from your diet. For example, if you’re used to eating ice cream every day after lunch, try not to do it for a week and see how it changes your feeling. Excluding ice cream can reduce your calorie intake every day. The result is a healthy weight loss of up to 500 g per week.

Disposable diet

Get rid of sauces, dressings, and other high-calorie, fatty additions to the main course. Let the food be simple. Instead of eating chicken with barbecue sauce, baked butter potatoes, and broccoli with cheese, you just eat grilled chicken, simply baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. In addition to reducing the number of calories you get a second advantage – taste buds start to learn to feel the real taste of the dish.

Monohydration diet

Exclude sweet drinks, alcoholic beverages, and high-calorie coffee from your diet. Just plain water. Reducing or eliminating carbonated drinks, tea, and coffee with sugar, packaged juices, and alcoholic beverages can reduce daily calorie intake by 500-1000 kcal.

Mono-swap diet

Choose one favorite unhealthy dish or product and replace it with a healthier version. If you eat chips with a sandwich at lunchtime, take a carrot instead – it crisps quite well too. As a result, you will gradually get used to healthier and more nutritious foods. The need for snacks with unhealthy food will disappear on its own.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mono diet


You don’t have to stick to a certain meal schedule and limit yourself to what you eat. You can eat whenever you want. The trick is that after a few days you won’t want to eat as much – no matter how much you love a certain product, it becomes annoying permanently in large quantities.

A second bonus comes out of this – the amount of calories you eat also goes down and you lose weight quickly enough.


A mono diet is a very strict nutrient restriction. It can cause malfunctions in the body. That is why it is only possible to eat in this way for a short time, and for some, it is contraindicated.

Therefore, before you decide on such an experiment, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. A beautiful body is, first of all, a healthy body!

How can you minimize the harm of mono diets?

Sharp limitation of nutrients and consumption of one energy source is stress for the body. It is possible to lose weight quite quickly, but from the balance of diet and health in general, mono diet is more harmful, especially if you sit on it for a long time. Deprivation of essential nutrients, micronutrients, and vitamins hurts the endocrine and digestive systems, and can subsequently provoke even greater weight gain.

“Monodiet is one of the most unfavorable weight loss methods for the body. Keep it without harming the body can not be more than a few days, and at the first signs of ill health should go – says Olga Larina, a nutrition consultant, and nutritionist. – If you want to try mono diet, I recommend alternating days of eating certain foods: say, one day – protein (eg curd), the second day – carbohydrates (cereals), the third – fiber (vegetables), and so on. This will make it easier for the body to cope with the uniformity and scarcity of the diet. And be sure to choose for the diet the product that you like, otherwise, you risk to earn disgust with it, which later threatens at least a bad mood, and at most – eating disorder.

Rice mono diet

The rice diet is probably the most popular mono diet of all. Rice is not only a tasty and healthy product but also an excellent absorbent that removes salts, slags, and other harmful substances from the body. This means that with a rice diet you will not only lose weight but also cleanse your body. It is best to eat uncut rice: it contains more vitamins and nutrients. Those who often use rice diets are advised to take potassium so that the element remains in the body in sufficient quantities.

The scheme of rice mono diet is simple: eat rice in small portions at equal intervals. One of the most effective options is to eat a day’s worth of boiled rice in small equal portions, drinking them with apple juice. Beginners are also allowed to eat two or three small apples per day. If you are not a supporter of such extremism, add some soy, steamed vegetables or lean meat to the rice.

Buckwheat mono diet

How do you lose weight with buckwheat? Easy! Within three days, the buckwheat mono diet should eat a small pot of buckwheat porridge. Cook it from the evening: pour the peeled grits with steep boiling water (you will need about one and a half liters for two glasses) and boil them over a strong fire for five minutes. Then wrap it in a towel and leave it overnight.

In the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast, drink a glass of warm water. Split the prepared porridge into 4 parts and eat one quarter with freshly squeezed carrot or tomato juice. Three to four hours after breakfast, eat another fourth of the porridge and drink pumpkin or cabbage juice. The other two parts you’ll eat during the evening. You can drink water, tea without sugar or kefir. The last glass of kefir can be drunk 40 minutes before sleep. In three days you’re a cane!

Kefir mono diet

Kefir mono diet pure is a real test of strength, so it is better not to starve for three days in a row, and arrange once a week unloading kefir days. Your task for the day is to drink a liter and a half of nonfat kefir in five or six moves. Slightly sweeten your life with fruits or vegetables, but they should be no more than 500 g per day!

Chocolate mono diet

Chocolate mono diet has two indisputable advantages. First, you can eat your favorite product with a clear conscience for three days. And secondly, chocolate and coffee are so caloric that you’ll have almost no hunger. The schedule is as follows:

Breakfast: black bitter chocolate (half a bar), a cup of sugar-free coffee with skimmed milk.

2nd breakfast: Sugarless black coffee (1 cup) with skimmed milk.

Lunch: chocolate (half a bar) and a cup of black coffee with skimmed milk.

Snack: coffee with milk (1 cup), a quarter of a bar of chocolate.

Dinner: coffee with milk (1 cup), a quarter bar of chocolate.

After such “dessert” days of chocolate, you won’t want it for long!

Cucumber mono diet

Cucumber mono diet cleans the intestines, removes toxins from the body, and stimulates metabolism perfectly.

By the way, cucumber is also an excellent diuretic, relieving swelling and swelling. During a cucumber monody for breakfast, lunch, and dinner you need to eat a salad of two cucumbers with sour cream, seasoned with herbs.

You can add salt pepper to taste and eat a slice of black bread. After that, you can have a cup of coffee or tea. An hour before bedtime you can eat an apple or another favorite fruit. And don’t forget that you can make an excellent face mask from cucumbers!

Seven Petals Monodiet

The Seven Petals Monodiet is not a classic variant, as you eat not one type of product, but a certain type every day. 

Its advantage over the classic mono diet is that it is less harmful to the body, as you get a more varied menu. 

The meal should be fractional (six times a day) and small portions. But there are also limitations on the type of food you eat. For example, it is recommended to eat protein no more than 500 g per day, i.e. on days when you have cottage cheese, chicken, eggs, or fish, you should watch how much you eat. Vegetables – up to one and a half kilograms, cereals – no more than 300-400 g. During the day you should drink at least one and a half liters of water, completely give up sugar, and limit the consumption of salt and spices.

Day 1: The first day of the mono diet is the free consumption of liquid products, the total volume of which should not exceed 3 liters. Both water, tea and frescoes, and empty vegetable broths are allowed.

Day 2: It is allowed to eat a protein food, limited or 1 kg of boiled poultry fillet, or eggs and skimmed kefir and yogurt. 

Day 3: On this day it is allowed to eat no more than 1 kg of any unsweetened vegetable, combining it with a liter of freshish of the same. 

Day 4: It is allowed to eat 1 kg of steamed courgettes, also this product is suitable in baked or boiled form. 

Day 5: The whole daily diet of the fifth day should consist of half a kilo of fresh skimmed cottage cheese and 1 liter of the same milk, divided into several portions. 

Day 6: The sixth day in the mono diet is called cereals, and 0.3 kg of boiled oats, buckwheat, or rice (without adding oil or salt) is allowed. 

Day 7: The body can only please with unsweetened fruit in any version, but in total it is not recommended to exceed the dose of 1 kg in solid form and one liter in liquid.

Summer mono diet for seven days

In the warm season, when the harvest can provide not only a varied but also a vitamin-enriched menu. Dieticians offer to try the summer budget and delicious mono diet for slimming purposes: 

  1. Monday – apples or pears, 5-7 medium fruits; 
  2. Tuesday – a piece of boiled chicken or turkey, pre-cleaned from fat; 
  3. Wednesday – 1 kg of boiled beet in any form, without adding salt or spices; 
  4. Thursday – 1 kg of nonfried courgettes; 
  5. Friday – 1 liter of non-fat kefir or yogurt combined with 0.5 kg of curd; 
  6. Saturday – unloading by any vegetable and fruit frescoes, not exceeding 1.5 l; 
  7. Sunday – 0.3 kg of pure oatmeal cooked without oil, salt and sugar. In pursuit of ideal forms do not forget about your own health, because any diet can affect not only centimeters but also on the hormonal background, general health, and even mood.

Personal experience. How did I maintain banana mono diet? 

And now it’s the turn of personal experience. In the distant days of my youth, back in high school, ninth-grader Masha really wanted to lose weight. 

But she was very lazy to do it with feeling and sense, so Googling chose a banana diet. 

She was very simple and pleasant – you eat three or four bananas a day, some cottage cheese and lose weight.

Spoiler, I lost weight. Very much.

I spent about two months on a banana diet and was able to lose about 20 kilos. The original weight was about 75 kilos. So it was about 55 kilos. 

I have no idea how that result came about, but it’s a fact. In the name of justice, I attach photo evidence ten years ago. 

I ate two or three bananas a day, had some cottage cheese, drank a lot of coffee and studied a lot. It wasn’t before I ate.

The weight lasted a few years just because my stomach just wasn’t hungry. There was a lot of stomach problems and all that stuff. But choosing the size of XS and S was much more enjoyable than worrying about those problems.

Now I’m a lot older and a little messed up my metabolism and couldn’t look at bananas for a long time. Keep that in mind before trying it.


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