Stromboli vs calzone: let’s find out the difference

When you’re looking into the menu of your favourite pizza spot, it is actually most likely that you’ll come across pair of classic entrées: the calzone and also stromboli. Although these meals are actually similar in look and contain a number of the same elements, they are actually not the very same thing.

I say to that to people pretty often (due to the fact that I am the form of person who speaks about stromboli a great deal) and also no one appears to believe me. I provide a great explanation regarding what stromboli is and also what a calzone is. They skeptically state, “Ok, yeah, sure,” and after that they walk away whispering one thing like, “That person was actually weird, correct?”

The image of a pizza
Is it stromboli or calzone?

That’s not how this is actually going to go. I am actually mosting likely to inform you what the distinction between a calzone and also a stromboli is actually, and after that you are actually going to write it in your diary and also make it your mantra. Possibly you’ll also get it tattooed on your body. Who’s to claim?

Both calzones as well as stromboli are actually pizza derivatives. They use the same active ingredients to obtain different variations of a closed, transportable pizza. There is actually pizza flour, cheese, and also fillings. Sometimes there’s sauce. No worries. We will go through all of that in just a sec and find out the difference between stromboli and calzone.

What is a Calzone?

Typically contacted a pizza turn over, not to be puzzled with the regularly tasty panzerotti, a calzone is really similar to pizza. Calzones to begin with made a look in Naples, Italy throughout the 18th century.

While many restaurants market calzones the measurements of a medium cake, they were actually initially club sandwich sized. It’s why a lot of Italian street vendors specialize in the calzone.

The majority of calzones have the very same active ingredients as pizza– tomato sauce, mozzarella, and also ricotta. You can even purchase all yours along with the same kind of toppings you will often discover on pizza– pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc. The calzone acquired its beginning as a cooked really good, yet a lot of American pizzerias supply a fried version.

What is a Stromboli?

While they may certainly not look it, a Stromboli is a lot closer to a club sandwich than a pizza. Think of any sort of Italian located sub (sub, hero) and also what it consists of. Often it’s full of a variety of cheeses and Italian meat products like salami or capicola (possibly sausages). For the more wellness aware around, your Italian submarine might also consist of a considerable amount of veggies.

Delicious calzone
Delicious calzone

The exact same relates to the Stromboli. Your elements are actually outlined on dough and then spun in to a bun and also baked.

Some of the major variations between a calzone and also a Stromboli is the dressing. In a Stromboli the dressing is actually baked in as well as with a calzone it is actually provided on the side like a dipping dressing.

An additional key difference is where the Stromboli came. Unlike the calzone, which our team said go its own beginning in Naples, the Stromboli was become pregnant in Philadelphia, PA. That’s right, it started correct across the river from Tuscan Pizza! Perhaps that is actually why numerous people near our company love Stromboli’s a bit more than calzones.

In the meantime, most people have a tendency to think that the Stromboli originated in Essington– a town right away from Philly. Back then, it was actually a primarily Italian community– for this reason the reason so many individuals think of the Stromboli as being actually Italian. The manager of a little dining establishment as well as restaurant crammed chilly cuts as well as cheese right into pizza money and spun it up. He baked the meals and also began selling all of them in masses.

Difference #1: The Sealing Method

The significant distinction in between a calzone as well as a stromboli is actually how they are actually secured. If you desired a very straightford comparison, here you go: a calzone is like a taco, and a stromboli feels like a burrito. Tacos as well as calzones are consistently folded up. Burritos and also stromboli are regularly rolled. You close a calzone through folding it in half and also kinking the sides. You secure a stromboli by rolling it in a spin and folding some additional dough back over the stromboli. Each get an egg washout to make sure the dough stays out.

a photo of a calzone
Calzone from the oven

Difference #2: The Sizes and shape

The different sealing off approaches imply that calzones and also stromboli start as different designs. When shaping dough for a calzone, you form a circle. The folded circle produces a tiny half-circle. Calzones are actually commonly solitary serving.

When you form money to make a stromboli, you mold an extended square. The rectangle is rolled to produce a long, slim, cylindrical pizza cigar. Stromboli is actually implied to become cut for numerous folks.

Difference #3: The history and origin

An additional variation is actually where they originate from. Calzones are Italian. Actually, legitimately, 100%- certified, Italian. They come from Naples as a casual, standing-on-the-street way of consuming pizza, and also they vary in regards to elements and also approaches in various locations in Italy.

Stromboli is Italian-American. It came from Philadelphia, coming from the depths of the Italian-heavy area of South Philly. It was actually named after the Italian Isle of Stromboli. On the Island of Stromboli, there’s a large volcano called Mt. Stromboli. If that doesn’t obtain you fed to become alive, I don’t really think I can easily assist you.


Difference #4: The Fillings

There is actually a considerable amount of crossover in the filling up classification. Active ingredients like healed meats, vegetables, as well as herbs can be utilized in both calzones and stromboli, yet there are 2 factors that specify them apart. Calzones make use of ricotta cheese, and also stromboli carries out not. Stromboli is created along with mozzarella cheese (preferably low-moisture) to keep dampness at a minimum. This helps the interior money prepare totally. Calzones commonly use a mix of cheese that often incorporates ricotta.

And then there’s dressing. Calzones never possess tomato dressing inside the dough. They are actually consistently dipped. While stromboli is actually additionally dip-able, it’s entirely awesome to place some sauce inside stromboli, pre-roll.

Whether you are actually crew stromboli or staff calzone, these distinctions shouldn’t encourage hate. Our team’re below to appreciate the distinctions, not yell regarding all of them. This whole thing has to do with increasing as humans. And finding means to eat even more pizza.

The difference between stromboli and calzone

Calzone Stromboli
Origin: Naples, Italy Philadelphia, PA
Tomato Sauce: On the side Baked in
How it’s made: Baked or fried Baked
Shape: Crescent moon Log


Once you recognize the variations between these two dishes, make sure to make calzone or stromboli. Or both. You are actually gonna love them!!!


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