What is batata and how to cook it?

Honestly, this is a veggie that has so many different names. In my native language – which is Ukrainian – it’s called ‘batat’. Soooo, what is it?

What is batata?

Long story short: batata is simply a sweetpotato.

This root veggie is known by several names, depending upon location. Batatas are a bit milder and also sweeter than orange-fleshed wonderful potatoes.

It generally grows in the Caribbean and also it’s flavour looks like that of the sweet potato however a little extra starchy. Select batatas that are firm to the touch and that have smooth skins with couple of or no marks. Furthermore, tiny batatas are favored as they will certainly be much more flavorful and have a better uniformity when cooked.

a photo of sweet potato chips

You can cook whole or peel them after that steam, roast, or microwave. A batata can be a substitute for the wonderful potato in sweet-potato pie or an active ingredient in veggie soups. They don’t need to be cooled and also you can store them for a week in room temperature.

Baked batata recipe

Preheat the stove to 400 degrees. Peel the batatas/boniatos and also cut into 1/2 inch dices. Mix in a huge bowl with olive oil and also salt. Expand on a cookie sheet. (I take down light weight aluminum foil for fast clean up). Bake at 400 levels for regarding half an hour overall, stirring every 10 minutes so they do not adhere to the sheet. Eliminate them once you can quickly insert a fork right via.

the image of a baked batata

Batata chips recipe


  • 1 batata (big, approximately 8-inches long, peeled off and nicked tidy of harsh edges as well as a lot of pits, Several of the flesh will certainly be patterned with dark as well as light pigmentations; this is typical.).
  • 1 dish cold water (aciduated with the juice of a lemon).
  • grease (Flavorless, to fill up a depth of 1 1/2 inches in a frying pan of your selection, I made use of safflower oil).

an image of batata chips

Utilizing a slim sharp blade, slice the batatas crosswise to create great chips. Slip the chips right away right into lemon water to avoid browning. Heat oil to a temperature of roughly 350 degrees F. Blot chips with a towel and lower them separately into oil making use of long-handled steel tongs, enabling some small distance in between chips to stay clear of congestion and reducing oil temperature level. See chips diligently (do not leave hot oil neglected – ever), as you turn them continuously with tongs, making sure to guarantee they are browned and crisped on both sides (about 5 mins). Get rid of chips with tongs to plate lined with paper towels to drain pipes excess oil. Proceed with each set until all chips are fried. Get rid of frying pan from warmth and also offer quickly. Allow oil to lower to area temperature level prior to discarding.

Pair with mayo or a sauce to taste.

an image of roasted batata

Nutrition Facts

Batatas deliver essential nutrients such as healthy protein, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and also folic acid. They are likewise a wonderful resource of potassium. Calcium and magnesium are minerals that the body requires for healthy bones, teeth and gum tissues. Potassium is another important mineral that aids the body to keep a healthy and balanced high blood pressure.

Picking & Storing

When buying batatas, you can recognize the vegetable by its resemblance to a pleasant potato. The distinction in between the batata and pleasant potato is that the batata has a white flesh and also sweet potatoes have a yellow to orange coloured flesh. Select batatas that are firm to the touch which have smooth skins with little or no marks on them. Choose ones that are smaller sized in dimension because these will certainly be much more tasty as well as they will certainly have a better uniformity when prepared. As soon as you have actually purchased your batatas, you can save them in your home for up to one week in a dark, cool, dry area at a typical temperature level of 55F. Batatas do not need refrigeration.

Tips for Making the Batatas

Make sure that when you are preparing to use batatas for cooking, you position the peeled ones in cold water prior to preparing them. This prevents the batatas from coming to be discoloured. Try cooking batatas, boiling as well as mashing them or replacing them for any type of dish that requires a sweet potato. Batatas are tasty in soups and also stews.


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